Welcome to the X International Festival and Competition of Slavic Music
«Bless me, my talisman»


Slovenia, from 20th to 30th of November 2021.


To register on X International Festival of Slavic Music Competition «Bless me, my talisman» the following data

must be sent to the festival mail:

 1. In the subject it is necessary to write: Application 2021 - and indicate the name of the participant (or the name of the music group)

 2. In the text of the letter, write the following information:

1. Surname, first name (in Latin - as this name will be inscribed in the diploma)

2. Year of birth

3. Surname, name of the teacher (in Latin) - if necessary

4. Surname, first name of the accompanist (in Latin letters) - if necessary

5. Country, City

6. Contact phone number

7. Email (to which you want to receive an invoice and diploma)

8. Nomination (instrument)

9. Repertoire to be performed

10. YouTube links to the performance of the musical competition


3. For professional participants, a scan of the document on music education (certificate of study or diploma of completion) should be attached to the letter.



You will receive an invoice for paying the entrance fee with your contact details by e-mail within one day after filling out the online application. The payment term is 5 working days after receiving the invoice.

In the appointment of the transfer, you must indicate the "Aplication fee", as well as the name and surname of the participant.

The entered entry fee is not refundable.

The organizer can exempt several participants from the payment of the entrance fee, upon prior request indicating (valid) reasons.

The organizing committee will only consider correctly completed applications.

When submitting an application, the competitor (or his legal representatives) agrees with the rules of the competition. The organizer of the competition has exclusive rights, extending to all countries, to broadcast, audio / video recording, publication, production and distribution of materials for all rounds of the competition, as well as all competition events, including the closing ceremony of the competition, holding master classes, performances in the final and other concerts associated with the competition. The organizer of the competition has the exclusive right to use the recorded audio / video / photo material free of charge and without obtaining permission from the participants of the competition, accompanists, as well as members of the jury who took part in master classes and concerts during the competition.The right of the final decision on all issues arising in the process of organizing and conducting the competition remains with the Organizing Committee of the competition. In case of violation of the rules of the competition, the Organizing Committee and the jury have the right to remove the participant from the competition.

Ilya Repin, Slavic composers